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The Angkal Fast Boats

The Angkal Fast Cruise

The Angkal Fast Cruise commenced operating on Bali in 2017, providing a charter boat  from Sanur to Nusa Penida with a passenger capacity of 90 seats, equipped with 5 Yamaha Engine 250PK Units, 2 Life Raft Units and 100 Life Jackets. Initially The Angkal 1 operated just to Nusa Penida and was providing a basic charter boat service.

It soon became providing to service shuttle and from increased demand that more departures were required and with this goal, The Angkal 2, The Angkal 4, The Angkal 5 entered service in 2019. The Angkal 1 quickly increased passenger capacity and reduced traveling time to just 45 minutes from Sanur beach to Nusa Penida.

Branch Office

As interest grew in travelling to the Nusa Penida, The Angkal Fast Cruises opened a new beachside office and exclusive Villa’s and Watersport there in 2019.

Our Service

Our services have evolved to meet our customers demand and now include snorkeling, various water activities and island tours.


We also have multiple accommodation options in Nusa Penida too

Comfortable Travel

Our Team continues to strive for excellence and we expect to expand again in the coming year. With our devotion to the tourism industry on Bali and the surrounding islands, we are your first choice for safe and comfortable travel.

Satisfy Consumers

The Angkal Fast Cruises sure to be able to provide services that can satisfy consumers here on Bali.

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Head Office : Jl. Matahari Terbit – Ruko Blok 4

Nomor Telfon : 0361 – 4493425

Whatsapp : 081 353 805 055

Instagram : theangkalfastboat

Email : [email protected]